# 31 Days of Halloween – Day 24: “30 Years to Life” (1998)

My Day 24 (Friday) Pick:

I watched “30 Years to Life” (aka “Nightworld: 30 Years to Life”) this afternoon, because I was intrigued by its science-fiction premise. In the film’s universe, instead of being sentenced to prison, convicted criminals are physically aged an appropriate number of years and immediately released back into society. Fifteen-year-old teenager Vincent Dawson (played by Hugh O’Conor) is wrongfully convicted of killing his stepfather. Aged thirty years by the criminal justice system, 45-year-old adult Vincent (played by Robert Hays) must now find the real killer. Although the movie has a few scenes that explore the strange life of the man-child, the movie spends most of its time solving the mundane whodunit. Currently available on Netflix, and free with a subscription to Amazon Prime.

I have been unable to find a trailer for this movie.