# 31 Days of Halloween – Day 27: “Kill Command”

My Day 27 (Sunday) Pick:

Today seemed like a day for good, old-fashioned killer robots. Killer military robots with artificial intelligence, to be precise. In “Kill Command” (aka “Identify”), a group of U.S. Marines attempt to survive after a training mission goes horribly wrong. You’re gonna love the look of the various military robots in this 2016 British science fiction / action / horror film. Top-notch production values and a serviceable script by director Steven Gomez make this an above-average pick for your Halloween-week viewing pleasure. Vanessa Kirby does a stellar job as cyborg Katherine Mills, who investigates an anomaly regarding A.I. units located at a military training island. There she meets up with a team assigned to a two-day training mission which is not going the way it was intended. Like it or not, they will have to work together to survive. “Kill Command” is currently available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPLEjs7im9c