# 31 Days of Halloween – Day 28: “The Endless”

My Day 28 (Monday) Pick:

You know what’s not on this #31DaysOfHalloween list? Enough good creepy-cult movies. We can’t have that! We need more! So this morning I watched “The Endless,” a creepy cult movie showcasing cosmic horror on a Lovecraftian scale! The film follows two brothers (played by actors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson) who, after watching a video message announcing the cult’s upcoming “Ascension,” decide to visit the camp they left ten years earlier. There they are confronted with unexplained phenomena, and must discover the truth before their lives become entangled with the cult, this time permanently. Currently available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMHpWCN0byw